Business Contacts

Courtney Bayley
Internal/External Business Clerk
(530) 623-2861 x248

Deidre Bower
Internal/External Business Clerk
(530) 623-2861 x231

Cindy Blanchard
Chief Business Official
(530) 623-2861 x229

Nonny David
Business Services Admin I
(530) 623-2861 x235
April Fiermonte
Internal / External Business
(530) 623-2861 x227

Jeff Morris
Facilities Fiscal Analyst
(530) 623-2861 x224
(530) 355-9880 Cell / Txt

Business Services

Welcome to TCOE Business Services!  

We strive to provide top level service to our school districts with their business operations in addition to providing guidance and oversight to ensure statutory compliance in support of all school districts in Trinity County.  Please contact any of our team members to assist you with your district business needs or TCOE business operations. 

  • Administer efficiently and effectively the procedures required by California State Law and the California School Accounting Manual.
  • Prepare and submit to the California Department of Education and the Trinity County Board of Education such reports as either or both entities may require or request.

  • Oversight and Related Support: TCOE performs oversight activities to ensure the health of the financial position and cash-flow requirements of each Trinity County school district. 
  • On a regular basis, we analyze, review and approve each district's budget and interim reports as required by AB 1200 and other legal requirements. 

INTERNAL SERVICES TO TCOE and External to some Trinity County School Districts

    • Provide general governmental accounting, payroll, personnel, retirement system, and reporting services to the Trinity County Office of Education and the school districts of Trinity County.
    • Provide fiscal management services for Trinity County school districts, such as assistance with local budget development, assistance with State reporting preparation, technical guidance on financial matters, and training on new requirements and/or procedures.
    • Assist in the preparation of state-mandated reports, as requested, and audit district-prepared reports for completeness and accuracy.

  • Review the financial documents, records and accounts of the Trinity COE and Trinity County school districts to determine that transactions are legal and appropriate, to ascertain that all transactions have been properly recorded, and to determine that financial statements and reports drawn from the accounts reflect an accurate picture of fiscal operations and financial status.
  • Remain current on all issues of a fiscal or financial nature which will impact Trinity County districts or the Trinity COE.
  • Ensure legality and appropriateness in the financial transactions of Trinity County school districts and Trinity County Office of Education and their respective governing boards.
  • Provide facilities planning, funding application assistance and implementation support services.
  • Provide educational data visualization and analysis.

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