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Employee Safety Rewards Program

Trinity County Office of Education’s
Employee Safety Reward$ Program

Safety in the workplace for all our employees is the goal at TCOE.   The Employee Safety Reward$ Program is an incentive program to motivate all employees to increase their knowledge and awareness of safe, healthy work practices.    Below is an overview of the program and how it works!

Who Should Participate:  All TCOE employees
How/How Often: 

Each quarter on the TCOE website a new safety topic will be posted in addition to a quiz.  After reading the safety topic of the quarter, click on the quiz, fill it out and submit it.  The quiz will be available each quarter for a total of 6 weeks.   Notification of the new safety topic and quiz will be in the TCOE Newsletter and sent via email to each employee.  

Each quarter will be a new/different safety topic and quiz.


Each employee that completes the quiz for the quarter has a chance to win!!  Your name will be entered in the drawing to be held on the last day of the quarter.   The drawing will be conducted by the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent.  10 Names will be blindly pulled from the drawing container each quarter.  Each of the winners will be notified via email (if they are not present for the drawing) to come collect their $30 Amazon gift card from the HR Department.

Once each year, all employees who participated in the prior 4 quarters will be entered into the draw again and 2 grand prize winners will be randomly chosen for the $150 Amazon Gift Certificate.  The annual draw will be conducted at the end of January each year.

Program Funding: 

By remaining compliant with state and federal regulations, we have the ability to earn $1500 per year through our insurance carrier which funds the employee safety rewards program fully.  We are pleased to be able to pass along the compliance dollars we earn to our employees directly in addition to providing safety information in a fun and easy to absorb format.    

Why Amazon gift cards?  Because Amazon does not charge any activation fees so the employee gets the full $30.  If we used Visa, the employee would get $25 and the other $5.00 would be used for the activation fee.  

Questions or concerns regarding the Employee Safety Reward$ Program should be directed to Melanie Holmes x225.


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