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Foster Youth Education Services Program

Trinity County Foster Youth Services Coordinator
Tiffany Wright

Trinity County Office of Education
P.O. Box 1256, Weaverville 96093 * (530) 623-2861 

Assembly Bill 490, signed into law in 2004, and other more recent legislation, mandates certain provisions including requiring school districts to designate a foster youth liaison, provide timelines for school enrollment and student record transfers, and build advocacy with foster youth.

Goals and Objectives

To serve all foster students who are in an out of home placement and are
 1. dependents or wards of Trinity County Juvenile Court
 2. enrolled in a school in Trinity County

Our Mission is to:
  • Provide advocacy and support to our foster youth and their caregivers
  • Promote the best interests of our foster youth in their educational progress.
  • Identify the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of foster youth.
  • Determine gaps in the provision of educational and social support services and provide those services, directly or through referral, to collaborative partners.
  • Facilitate the completion and timely transfer of education records.
  • To ensure educational placement stability at every opportunity.
  • Support foster students' academic achievement and reduce truancy, dropout rates, and delinquent behavior.
  • Provide one to one tutoring to improve grades and academic achievement.

Foster Youth Services Contacts

Tiffany Wright
Foster Youth Services Coordinator
530-623-2861 ext. 233

Alison Smith
Foster Youth Services Liaison
530-623-2861 ext. 233
Trina LaQue
Foster Youth Services Liaison

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